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Nov 02, 2012 by Robert Christensen Captain, R/V Lake Guardian

I had a problem on my ship!

I have to supply water to up to 40 individuals for extended periods of time. My boat is a research vessel that is public property of the United States Government. It is operated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Due to this we go the extra mile in measuring our potable water quality. We maintain bacteriological monitoring equipment onboard the boat. This bacterial testing revealed recurring growth in our system. To counter this we would chlorinate our water tanks to a level just below the legal threshold. This heavy chlorination would cause the pipe interior to rust and corrode rapidly. The oxidation of piping would consume the free available chlorine to the point it wasn’t measurable at the spigot. The rust was causing other problems like clogging filters and screens, causing rotary shower heads to seize up, etc. I was watching TV and saw the ASE Flo-Rite commercial. I knew I needed to investigate this process and see if it could be utilized on my ship. I contacted David and he worked up an estimate. We contracted ASE Flo-Rite to sand blast and coat our potable water plumbing interior with their NSF approved epoxy lining. Our problems were solved at a tenth of the cost of pipe replacement. I’m having the process done on our compressed air piping as well. I highly recommend the ASE Flo-Rite process.

Jun 06, 2012 by Mark Milanowski, Water Quality Testing Services, Laboratory Director

The Blue Water Phenomenon, an Immediate Solution.
Blue water and the staining of plumbing fixtures is the second most common complaint with occupants of new construction.

In simplest terms, copper is leaching out of the copper pipes through the process of corrosion making them progressively weaker and elevating the level of copper in the drinking water. Eventually the pipes develop pinhole leaks and in extreme cases actually burst.

Leaks are only part of the problem. There are health implications that can influence your decision on how to deal with a copper corrosion problem.

Copper is an essential nutrient, but some people who drink water containing copper in excess of the action level over a relatively short amount of time could experience gastrointestinal distress. Some people who drink water containing copper in excess of the action level over many years could suffer liver or kidney damage. People with Wilson\'s Disease should consult their personal doctor.

The Old School Solution
Maintain a residual of chlorine in the water system to control microbial problems and accelerate the aging of the copper pipes.

Have the water tested for copper especially when it is blue in appearance to see how it compares to the Safe Drinking Water Act\'s maximum contaminant level in regards to consumption and health.

Have patience, the blue water phenomena seems to go away with time (measured in years).

The New Solution
When having patience and allowing time to provide the solution is not a reasonable solution. The following works immediately.

We have recently solved our corrosion problems within our facility by having the internal surfaces of our pipes coated with an epoxy resin. The coating of the inside surface eliminates the interaction of the water with the pipes. No contact equals no corrosion. No elevated copper (or any other heavy metal contamination). No leaking.

The company we used to provide this solution for us was ASE Flo-Rite located in Brookfield WI. Their web address is Our building is large and old. It provided many challenges for them. They took all obstacles in stride and completed the job on time and in budget. We liked them enough to bring them back to do our heating system.

This is the best solution we have seen to address the blue water phenomena with the added benefit of protecting the pipes from corrosion.

Water Quality Testing Services Testimonial
Certified by the State of Wisconsin for the analysis of Drinking Water
A Division of Milwaukee Milk Producers

Jun 06, 2012 by Eileen Pesch

The Pesch family located in Wauwatosa Wisconsin had their drinking water pipes relined with ASE Flo-Rite Inc.

The Pesches were experiencing low water pressure and discolored water, and knew they needed to do something before their drinking water pipes failed them. Larry Pesch heard about this revolutionary process and knew that this was the right solution for their drinking water pipes.

Larry knew how much of a burden a re-pipe would cause him and his family, with the destruction of walls and the dust and dirt throughout his home; he decided to go with ASE Flo-Rite Inc. to reline their drinking water pipes.

In just 2 days, our certified professionals drained their drinking water system, cleaned their pipes from the inside using special equipment, dried and then relined with a special epoxy approved for drinking water (NSF/ANSI 61 standard) This was all done in the shortest time, with minimal noise and dirt emissions. About ten times faster than replacing all his pipes. And in some cases up to 50% cheaper! During all this, the Pesches didn’t have to move out of their home.

"We are so pleased with the results of our relined pipes and the work of ASE FLO-RITE, our water has never looked better and the water pressure in the shower is like a spa experience!"

Jun 06, 2012 by James Bird, General Manager, Milwaukee Milk Producers

Milwaukee Milk Producers is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, the building in which our company has been operating in is over 100 years old. We have three apartments on the second level, our offices are located on the first floor and our Milk and Water testing lab area is in the basement. Dave Strigenz owner of McCoy Plumbing has been servicing our building and plumbing needs for many years. ASE Flo-rite through Dave, approached our Board and explained this new technique for this area and we were very impressed with the process. We have been struggling with leaking pipes and constant repairs and facing major potential problems relating to our equipment and computer sytems for a long time. The ASE team came in and started the procedure of retooling, replacing all joints and sealing or recoating our pipes. The job took almost a week to complete. We were very satisfied with everything, an alternative which we thought would be a lot more cost efficient than knocking out walls and totally replacing the piping system. I was amazed that we had no major blowouts or problems, especially since this was the first involvement in this procedure for many on the team. The water pressure is much better now and we no longer see any water discoloration. Milwaukee Milk Producers would recommend this building plumbing transformation to any interested parties who might be contemplating this unique process.

Jun 06, 2012 by Dr. & Mrs. Charles Bourne

As you know fate led us to you and your work was all you said it would be. Not only were you careful with our old house but you were diligent in its repair. Everything works perfectly. Sinks that had no water have total flow and the pressure is strong throughout the house. Eleven bathrooms and auxiliary faucets in the kitchen and cleaning closets, garage and the laundry room with no normal up and down pipes. Not only did you fix everything but you and all members of your crew were always as nice as can be everyday. Our challenges were huge and you met each one head on with great fortitude. We can never thank you enough. We are so happy with the results and wish you much future success with your wonderful answer to so many homes in the Milwaukee are and beyond. Good luck and keep in touch, we would be happy to talk to any future clients of yours.

ASE Flo-Rite , USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 I had a problem on my ship!I have to supply water to up to 40 individuals for extended periods of time. My boat is a research vessel that is public property of the United States

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