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What type of pipes can epoxy be used on?


Epoxy can be used on any metal pipe from 3/8”–4”. Typically, these are domestic supply pipes, fire suppression systems or water mains that feed homes and buildings.




Can ASE Flo-Rite’s epoxy pipe lining be used on drain lines or sewer lines?


No, drain and wastewater pipes have properties that make them unsuitable for the epoxy lining process.




If I have badly corroded galvanized pipes, will it clean out all the corroded debris?


Typically we are able to remove very severe corrosion from the interior of galvanized pipes.  However there may be cases in which we need to remove severely corroded sections and install new piping.




Is there a maximum water temperature that can be used with epoxy?


ASE Flo-Rites’ epoxy can handle water and steam up to 250° F.




How long will the epoxy lining last?


Epoxy pipe lining has a design life of 200+ years. Since epoxy lining prevents the number one cause of pipe failure – corrosion – epoxy lined pipes can be expected to outlast metal plumbing systems.




How does the epoxy coat the interior of the pipes?


The ASE Flo-Rite Engineered Flow Lining System uses a proven and certified process for promoting the flow of liquid epoxy through pipe segments.  Epoxy is applied via compressed air which creates a vortex that pulls the epoxy from the entrance of the pipe to the end point ensuring that the pipe interior is uniformly coated with our epoxy.




How will I know the epoxy will not clog any section of my plumbing system?


ASE Flo-Rite uses 60 psi to line the pipes with the epoxy. When we see the epoxy come out of the recycle end of the pipe we turn the pressure down to 10 psi to put a smooth finish on the epoxy which also keeps the epoxy from clogging your pipes. The air is left on for 10-15 minutes to start the curing process.




Will the coating reduce the pipe size and reduce my water flow?


The epoxy coating minimally reduces the pipe’s interior volume, but this reduction is negligible and will not negatively impact your water flow. The lining actually gives you a smooth finish that will not allow anything to build up on the pipe.




Is the ASE Flo-Rite system safe?


Yes.  ASE Flo-Rite meets stringent safety standards and has a long history of safe and effective use.  ASE Flo-Rite’s epoxy, has been certified to meet the Federal government standard for safe drinking water, ANSI/NSF Standard 61, and is approved for use in pipes where the water temperature can reach up to 250° F.




Will lining my pipes with ASE Flo-Rite expose water to Bisphenol-A (BPA)?


No. Our epoxies are different than the polycarbonate plastics used in water bottles. Under the right conditions, polycarbonate plastics can degrade to produce BPA, ASE Flo-Rite’s epoxies cannot.




How much does it cost?


Each project is unique and is quoted based on a variety of factors, including the number of plumbing fixtures, the plumbing layout and design, and the type of pipe material. In most cases, ASE Flo-Rite epoxy pipe lining is competitive with or significantly less costly than alternative repair methods. Our process eliminates cutting open walls and having a contractor come in to patch everything. In ideal situations we can save you 30%-50% from a normal re-pipe.



12. How long is your warranty that you offer on you service?


We offer a 10 year warranty on anything that we have lined and a 1 year warranty on any valves that we replace or install. The reason for the 1 year warranty on the valves is because that is what the manufacture offers and we cannot go above what the manufacture offers.