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Why Reline Pipes?

The Problem: Rusty Water? Low Water Pressure? Poor Water Quality? Leaky Pipes?

rusty pipe leads to rust in drinking waterRust in drinking water is a menace. First, the rust particles block valves and fittings. The water quantity and pressure are reduced, not to mention the water quality. If nothing is done at this point, the advancing corrosion causes leaks, major escapes of water and, inevitably, the total destruction of the system.

With the ASE System, you can spare yourself all of that but only if it is deployed in time. If the pipes are completely rusted through, replacement is the only option left.

The ASE Flo-Rite System uses proven technology to save building owners and homeowners thousands of dollars, while saving occupants the messy, noisy and destructive experience of a complete re-pipe.

Until now, the only effective long-term remedy for encrusted galvanized steel or rust-corroded copper small diameter piping was the expensive and inefficient method of re-piping the whole system. This meant the nuisance of dirt, noise, and several weeks of being without water. Building owners, homeowners, property managers and tenants are eagerly seeking an alternative to this old fashioned, expensive and frustrating system.

The Solution: Reline Pipes – We Fix & Restore Rusty, Leaking Pipes Without The Inconvenience.

relining pipes eliminates rust in drinking water without replacing pipesIn your old drinking water pipes, we create new ones!

Renovation from the inside? Without tearing open walls and ripping out pipes? Without clearing whole living quarters or work areas? Without weeks of construction including heating interruptions, relocations, construction noise and high total costs? How is that supposed to work?

The solution is called the ASE System: the pipes due for renovation are cleaned from the inside using special equipment, dried and then recoated. This is all done in the shortest time, with a minimum of noise and dirt emissions –  about ten times faster than replacing an entire system. In ideal cases, it can be up to 50% less expensive! During all this, you can continue to use and live in your rooms.

The ASE System has already proven itself as the world’s unique, most modern and fully developed technology for the inner sanitation of drinking water pipes. An intelligent innovation that spares you a great deal of aggravation and expense, because it comes from the inside.