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Going Green



ASE Flo-Rite EPOXY LINING – A Better Solution 

Going green may promote a healthier planet, but for property owners and managers across the World, it can also be a smart business decision. Choosing ASE Flo-Rite’s lining process can be one of those decisions: offering a greener, less disruptive and more cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement.

ASE Flo-Rite is the Midwest’s leading provider of pipe restoration services and the one name building owners and managers trust for all of their property’s water challenges. Now, as demand for greener buildings continues to grow, they also appreciate the environmental benefits of ASE Flo-Rite’s safe, innovative and reliable products and services.


  • There will be less maintenance and ease the strain on annual operating budgets with the epoxy lining. The process of epoxy lining pipes uses less waste which equates to less debris being sent to landfills.
  • Better water flow and reduced leakage optimizes the use of water resources. 
  • Epoxy lining reduces the consumption of raw material and energy used to produce replacement pipes, drywall and related materials.
  • Leaching of metals is prevented with the use of epoxy lining, and therefore guarantees healthier drinking water.
  • Plumbing systems that are coated with epoxy will require less maintenance and ease the strain on annual operating budgets to epoxy lining.