ASE Flo-Rite

Wisconsin: (262) 649-4555
Toll Free: (877) 649-4555

Reline Pipes, Don’t Replace!

Don't drink from rusty pipes! Re-line your pipes instead of replacing and save money!

Would you drink water from a pipe like this? 

Low water pressure in the house, discolored water, leaky water pipes and lead in the water are signs of clogged and corroded pipes. 

Using the ASE Flo-Rite System permanently repair pipes and protect loved ones from hidden water hazards. 



Do you have water pressure problems?

Take a simple test: Try to fill a gallon jug with water in 24 seconds.

If it takes longer, you may have major water-pressure problems due to clogged and corroded pipes. When taking a shower and a nearby toilet flushes or faucet is turned on, does a surge of hot or cold water occur in the shower? This is another sign of clogged water pipes.